Stutter Control Drill
Mastering Elements of Fluent Speech

Master elements of fluent speech with 12-page self-help booklet from Sound Feelings. The Stutter Control Drill provides unconventional tools for self-improvement with stuttering and stammering by developing the neuro-speech connection. This effective approach creates the sensation of stretching of time, which allows you to more easily determine the exact block in your unique speech pattern and to remove it. This book is clearly a unique alternative to traditional stuttering remedies and speech therapy. See also: Stuttering Control Drill and suttering books.

Helpful for All Stutterers.

Apart from the original cause of your unique speech challenge, whether physical, emotional or intellectual, the reality is that it now manifests itself neurologically. The purpose of this drill is not to pretend to deal with the original reason of the stutter, but rather to re-educate or normalize the neuro-speech connection.

Speak With Control.

The heart of the Stutter Control Drill is to teach you how to think before you speak. As obvious as this may sound, once this technique is learned, smooth speech becomes more predictable.

Pinpoints Exact Problem.

Unlike the average recommendation to simply slow down the rhythm of your speech, the Stutter Control Drill deals with the stretching of time. This allows you to more easily determine the exact block in your unique speech pattern and to remove it.

Most Powerful Way to Learn.

It has been proven by learning and behavioral experts that the more senses or learning channels we incorporate, the more effective the learning process. This is why films (visual and aural) often have a greater impact than lectures (aural only). Because the Stutter Control Drill involves visual, intellectual, emotional, tactile, and aural learning channels (total of 5) you are insured of the maximum benefit.

Eliminate Fear.

When you expect to fail, you often will. Replacing fear with confidence in very small steps offers a creative solution to this habit. The Stutter Control Drill makes use of the emotional learning channel, so that eventually all words to be spoken will be thought of in a positive way.
Easy and Convenient.

This is not something that will sit on your shelf. The Stutter Control Drill is a concise 12-page booklet that is easy to understand and convenient to use. Just 10 minutes, once or twice a day and a typewriter or computer keyboard, and youre on your way towards flowing, natural speech. (You dont need to know how to type!)

Stutter Control Drill:
Mastering Elements of Fluent Speech
Revised Edition 1989/1999
Howard Richman, Author
Sound Feelings Publishing
ISBN 1-882060-81-4 (previously ISBN 0-929060-75-X)
Our Catalog #97002
Softcover booklet, 3 1/2 x 8 1/2, 12 pages
$4.95 U.S.

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Two amazing free secrets to help stop stuttering. This free stuttering information provides easy how-to solutions for stutterers for self-improvement towards fluent speech. This tutorial will be extremely helpful for those seeking stuttering cures.

1 Think Before You Speak.

Don’t even open your mouth until you are exactly sure about the word or words you are about to say. People who stutter often are smarter than average. This ironically works against the stutterer because when he or she attempts to speak, his or her mind tends to think too far ahead! This causes the conscious mind to not be in line with the current immediate word being expressed. The result is a jam or a block in the flow of speech. It really is not enough to “slow down the rhythm of your speech,” as is so often recommended. This can be slightly helpful, but what really counts is to think before you verbalize each word. It may be temporarily helpful to slow down just in order to retrain yourself how to think ahead of each word spoken rather than after, but eventually, the speed of the speech can return to normal.'

2 Say it in Your Mind.

Literally hear yourself successfully saying the word you want to say in your mind before you say it. This is a type of aural visualization. All people who succeed in anything admit that they practice visualizing their success, with optimism, before actually attaining their goal. Imagine the sound of each word, one by one, in your mind before you physically say it.

These tips were prepared by Howard B. Richman and are offered for free as a courtesy. For additional information to help master the elements of fluent speech, order Mr. Richman’s booklet,
Stutter Control Drill.